Located in beautiful Barronett, Wisconsin

Enjoy Barronett, Wisconsin!

Don't miss the upcoming Helstern Woodcarving Guitar Seminars, featuring John Beland, master guitarist and musical director for Chris Kristopherson, Linda Ronstead, Dolly Parton, Kim Carnes, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and many, many other giants in the Country and Popular Music Industry - this man knows all the secrets. And, you'll want to experience a most incredible instrument, the Helstern "Continuum," made from 50,000 year-old Kauri. As Stradivarius would have told you himself - it’s the wood!

If you're into motorcycles, Hogwildesigns can produce your totally unique, one-of-a-kind paint design that always stands out from the crowd! Come in and talk with Bill Brick - you'll be completely delighted, even amazed with his paint concepts for your bike!

And while you're in town, a trip to The Brickyard Pottery and Art is always a marvelous experience, with both functional and beautiful creations to enjoy and consider. Find that special piece, right here - you'll never leave the Brickyard empty-handed!

Finally, at the end of the day, The Bistro 63 awaits with the most exceptional food and drink in northwestern Wisconsin. Enjoy the most incredible Scallops, Roast Duck, Shrimp, and Lamb Chops you've ever experienced, along with many other exceptional creations by Chef Jeno!

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Bistro 63

Helstern Woodcarving

Brickyard Pottery

The Barronett Bar